Hi, I’m Kevin.

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I make content and experiences for every screen. My work is a mix of design, code, and animation.




At Deeplocal, I worked with a talented, multidisciplinary team to invent new ways for people to experience brands. Clients included Google, Netflix, Spotify, and Nest.

Netflix Make It

Made at Deeplocal

Digital Design, HTML/SCSS, Art Direction

Make It was a collaboration with the Brand Team at Netflix. The idea was to create new and interesting ways for people to hack their Netflix experience—whether the idea came from users, Netflix engineering, our creative team—or, most often, all three.

I had the opportunity to work on the majority of the Make It projects (four and counting) where I helped define and execute how we conveyed the campaign’s narrative on the web.


Side Project with Garment and Dimitry

Digital Design, HTML/SCSS, Identity

My friends Jordan and Erin started a non-profit called Garment. The project aims to empower women recovering from an eating disorder by providing them with new, size-less clothing, individualized for their healthy bodies.

I helped solidify their visual brand, design their site, and build a tool to help them curate wardrobes for their clients.


Benefit Brow Translator

Made at Deeplocal

Digital Design, HTML/SCSS


Made at Deeplocal

Digital Design, HTML/SCSS

A web app that gives users real time parking data for downtown garages.


Made at Deeplocal

Co-design, HTML/SCSS


Side Project with Fitt

Digital Design

Kinsman Launch

Side Project with Courtney and Dimitry

Digital Design, HTML/SCSS

Our site provided invite links for people to share and earn Kinsman gear.


Made at Deeplocal

Co-design, HTML/SCSS


Side Project

Digital Design, HTML/SCSS/JS

Freeform Launch

Made at Deeplocal

Digital Design, HTML/SCSS, Art Direction

Freeform (formerly ABC Family) celebrated the notion of transformation by turning fans’ social posts into one-of-a-kind, wearable designs.

We used an algorithm to analyze fans’ tweets and partnered with 3D artists to translate the results into unique bracelet designs. Fans received an animated GIF of their design, and thousands of randomly selected winners received a 3D-printed edition.

MAYA Design



At MAYA, I worked alongside engineers and researchers to solve problems big and small. I learned user research, usability testing, and rapid prototyping. Clients included StoryCorps, Oreo, MSA, and Amway.


Made at MAYA

Digital Design, Brand Identity

StoryCorps.me empowers people to record and preserve conversations about their lives using StoryCorps style interviews.

Our team was asked to help strategize, brand, design, and build the product for its alpha release. I focused on designing a web app to house the interview library, user profiles, and interviewing resources. I also worked on defining the visual language of the platform.

Before its release, StoryCorps.me was named Listen.

Cite Identity

Made at MAYA

Brand Identity

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Made at MAYA

Digital Design, Animation

We worked with Oreo to create an interactive installation where SXSW festival goers could “Eat the Tweet”. Powered by Twitter, our prototype vending machines enabled attendees to create and eat custom Oreos based on trending social conversations.

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Made at MAYA

Graphic Design, Animation

AoT Launch

Made at MAYA

Brand Identity, Animation, Digital Design

I helped brand and launch a MAYA company called AoT. It’s an innovation accelerator for startups that specializes in disruptive trends like the internet of things and additive manufacturing.

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