Software for every screen.

My name is Kevin. I’m a multidisciplinary designer who specializes in software for every screen. I live and work in Pittsburgh, PA.

I’m currently on the product design team at Vercel where we’re creating tools that help frontend teams build a better, faster web.

As an independent product designer, I’ve consulted on a range of projects—from blockchain experiences to autonomous vehicle R&D—for both early and late-stage companies.

Previously, I led design at a startup called Fitt. Fitt was a website and app where you could find the best places to eat healthy, work out, run, and hike. (RIP)

Before the startup life, I was at Deeplocal creating web-based interfaces for digital/physical experiences with brands like Netflix, Spotify, Google, and Nest. Prior to that, I was at a human-centered design consultancy called MAYA. ◼︎

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