Runtime Logs 2.0

Runtime Logs is a way to explore logs generated by serverless and edge functions in a Vercel deployment. We took the existing, barebones logs view and reimagined it as a robust product feature. The updated Runtime Logs experience gives users a way to view, search, inspect, and share logs without installing a third-party integration.


Pricing Program:

Usage, Billing, and Invoices

We restructured Vercel’s infrastructure pricing model to be more transparent and scalable. Introducing such foundational changes was an opportunity to rethink some of our core views like Usage, Billing, and Invoices. We redesigned these pages to better visualize and organize the data based on new paradigms like region-based pricing, on-demand charges, and pre-committed spending via a credit-based system.


Notification Center 1.0

We kept the first iteration of Vercel’s in-app notification center light-weight with a simple inbox and archive workflow. In addition to the main notifications UI, we also introduced more granular settings so users could configure where and how often they wanted to receive notifications across the web, email, and SMS.


Team Workspaces and

Upgrade Standardization

The original architecture of Vercel combined a user’s identity with a free workspace on the Hobby plan. This meant users couldn’t upgrade their workspace easily—doing so required creating a totally new workspace to upgrade to a paid, Pro plan. We untangled these two concepts and separated the Vercel account from the included, free workspace to ensure a smooth upgrade experience. This was also an opportunity to standardize UI components across the product for both plan upgrades and enabling paid add-ons.


Geist Color System

The Geist color system is a set of 9 color scales where each scale’s step is designed with a specific use case in mind. Unlike other systems, we also have a separate scale dedicated to app backgrounds—this ensures that card-style elements on subtle backgrounds “read” the same between light and dark mode.